Note that the following schedule may be subject to change throughout the semester. Readings from The Portable Beat Reader indicated as PBR. Readings from The Women of the Beat Generation indicated as WBG. Readings marked with an asterisk (*) will be available on the website as PDFs. Please print hardcopies of all PDFs rather than read them on a device

Week One: Welcome to the dream machine
8/23: No readings
Week Two: What Was the Beat Generation?
8/28:  Ann Charters, “What Was the Beat Generation?”*
8/30: John Clellon Holmes, “This is the Beat Generation”*
Wayne Lawson, “The Beats”*
Gary Snyder, “Notes on the Beat Generation”*
Add/Drop Ends
Week Three: On the Road with Jack Kerouac, Part I
9/4: Labor Day—No Class
9/6:  Jack Kerouac, excerpt from On the Road (PBR, pp. 10–43)
Week Four: On the Road with Jack Kerouac, Part II

Weekly Blog Rotation Begins

9/11: Jack Kerouac, “Essentials of Spontaneous Prose” (PBR, pp. 57–58)
Jack Kerouac, “Belief and Technique for Modern Prose” (PBR, pp. 58–59)
Amiri Baraka, “Letter About Kerouac’s Prose” (PBR, pp. 349–353)
9/13: Neal Cassady, from the “Joan Anderson” letter to Jack Kerouac (PBR, pp. 197–208)
Jack Kerouac, letter to Neal Cassady, early 1951 (PBR, pp. 208–211)
Week Five: The Howl of Allen Ginsberg
9/18 Allen Ginsberg, “Howl, for Carl Solomon” (PBR, pp. 62–70)
Allen Ginsberg, “Footnote to Howl” (PBR, pp. 70–71)
William Carlos Williams, Introduction to Ginsberg’s “Howl for Carl Solomon”*
9/20: Allen Ginsberg, “A Supermarket in California” (PBR, pp. 71–72)
Allen Ginsberg, “Sunflower Sutra” (PBR, pp. 72–74)
Allen Ginsberg, “America” (PBR, pp. 74–77)
Week Six: A Visitation from Anne Waldman
9/25: Introduction to Anne Waldman and selections from WBG (pp. 287–307)
Anne Waldman, “Our Past” (PBR, pp. 428–430)
9/27: Class session with Anne Waldman
Class Questions for Anne Waldman
***Anne Waldman Poetry Reading, 7:30pm, Oxford Road Building Presentation Room. Attendance Required.***
9/28: ***Creativity Conversation with Anne Waldman, 5:00pm, Rose Library Teaching and Learning Studio. Attendance Required.***
Week Seven: To the Archive!
10/2:  Tour of The Dream Machine exhibition, class meets in Schatten Gallery
10/4:  Archives Introduction Session, class meets in Rose Library
Week Eight: The Highs and Lows of William Burroughs
10/9: Fall Break—No Class
10/11: William Burroughs, excerpt from Junky (PBR, pp. 104–116)
William Burroughs, excerpt from Naked Lunch (PBR, pp. 126–136)
10/13 Research Proposals Due
Week Nine: One-on-One Meetings—No Class

Sign up for your one-on-one meeting here.

Week Ten: The East Coast beat
10/23: Herbert Huncke, “Elsie John,” “Joey Martinez” (PBR, pp. 146–152)
John Clellon Holmes, excerpt from Go (PBR, pp. 154–166)
Gregory Corso, “I Am 25,” “The Mad Yak,” “Vision Rotterdam,” “Bomb,” “Marriage,” “Variations on a Generation” (PBR, pp. 172–185)
10/25: Introduction to Diane di Prima and selections from WBG (pp. 123–140)
Introduction to Brenda Frazer and selections from WBG (pp. 269–278)
Week Eleven: The San Francisco Scene
10/30: Introduction to Helen Adam and selections in WBG (pp. 9–17)
Kenneth Rexroth, excerpt from “Thou Shalt Not Kill” (PBR, pp. 233–241)
Lawrence Ferlinghetti, “Constantly Risking Absurdity” (PBR, pp. 248–249)
Michael McClure, “Peyote Poem” (PBR, pp. 265–273)
Annotated Bibliography and Object Description Due
11/1: Introduction to Lenore Kandel and selections from WBG (pp. 279–285)
Introduction to Joanne Kyger and selections from WBG (pp. 197–204)
Gary Snyder, “Night Highway Ninety-Nine” (PBR, pp. 293–304) 
Week Twelve: Workshop Week
11/6: Digital Exhibition Workshop
Digital Exhibit Brainstorming Document
11/8: Research Paper Draft Workshop
Research Paper Draft Due
Please bring two copies to class for peer review.
Week Thirteen: Race and the Beats Part I—Listening to the Black Beat
11/13:  Amiri Baraka, “In Memory of Radio,” “Way Out West,” “The Screamers” (PBR, pp. 340–349)
Ted Joans, “The Sermon,” “Afrique Accidentale,” “A Few Blue Words to the Wise” (PBR, pp. 385–392)
Bob Kaufman, “Round About Midnight,” “Jazz Chick,” “On,” “O-Jazz-O” (PBR, pp. 328–330)
Bob Kaufman, “The Abomunist Manifesto”*
11/15: Robert Lee, “Black Beats: The Signifying Poetry of LeRoi Jones/Imamu Amiri Baraka, Ted Joans, and Bob Kaufman”*
Week Fourteen: Race and the Beats Part II—The White Negro
11/20: Normal Mailer, “The White Negro” (PRB, pp. 586–609)
James Baldwin, “The Black Boy Looks at the White Boy”*
Final Research Paper Due
11/22: Thanksgiving—No Class
Week Fifteen: Who You Callin’ a Muse?
11/27: Section in WBG on Joan Vollmer Adams Burroughs (pp. 49–56)
Section in WBG on Carolyn Cassady (pp. 57–75)
11/29: Section in WBG on Edie Parker Kerouac (pp. 76–85)
Section in WBG on Joan Haverty Kerouac (pp. 87–102)
Week Sixteen: Farewell
12/4: Open Class
Digital Exhibition Case Due